About us

  • A Brief about Green Company for General trading and pharmaceuticals

    Eighteen years ago, exactly in 1997, it was the start of Hawkary Company for Medicines & Medical Supplies Trading as a business activity which started by the owners of this company and represented in carrying out a lot of business activities in the field of Medicines and Medical Supplies.

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  • Chairman of the Board of Directors’ message

    Since founding Green for General trading and pharmaceuticals, the company has been able to find a set of concepts and values in the field of business administration and take a lot of daring steps and invested in many areas of business.

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  • board of directors

    The administrative board is considered the highest party in the company to make decisions on the highest level and strategic plans to achieve future goals. The administrative board, taking into consideration the specializations of general departments, takes over all the required powers and authorities to run the company as the administrative board shall remain the final responsible for the company as it makes the comprehensive strategy and main work plans of the company.

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