board of directors

The administrative board is considered the highest party in the company to make decisions on the highest level and strategic plans to achieve future goals. The administrative board, taking into consideration the specializations of general departments, takes over all the required powers and authorities to run the company as the administrative board shall remain the final responsible for the company as it makes the comprehensive strategy and main work plans of the company. As well as, it reviews and controls risk managing policy, states annual balances and reviews the functional and organizational framework of the company. The administrative board is comprised of foundational body and managing director and general director, who are main members in the board in addition to their other tasks in running the company. Choosing the members of the board depends on the special achievements that they achieved in their private businesses, as well as, on their experiences, wisdom, honesty, executive and technical abilities, as well as, their tendency to devote enough time for the company tasks. The manager of the administrative board is the person who is responsible for leading this board; he enjoys special powers and continuously works to develop the board, enhance the members’ skills and to raise the spirit of partnership and teamwork. Voting for the strategic decisions in the board shall be carried out by the attendance of all members though organized ordinary monthly meetings held by the manager or through urgent meetings, held by the board chairman, to deal with the immediate things or to amend the company plans. The decisions shall be taken by an absolute majority of the votes of the attendant members or representatives in the meeting; and in case that votes were equal, the opinion of the chairman side, or his representative in his absence, shall be preferred.