Chairman of the Board of Directors’ message

Since founding Green for General trading and pharmaceuticals, the company has been able to find a set of concepts and values in the field of business administration and take a lot of daring steps and invested in many areas of business. Our company has a great history that makes us proud and urges us to do more for its future. The company has adopted a policy and strategy that divided the works within the company into sectors by the autonomy and decentralization in the implementation of works to take the advantage of the best performance, to get rid of the administrative bureaucracy and to organize the work and evaluate it by the production and the level of performance and to achieve the goals, and in return the motivation in the measure of achievement and profits on the basis that the individual is a partner in the work or the company. The company follows an unlimited ambitious policy and works in various fields which contribute to achieve the comprehensive renaissance for Iraq in various economic, social and developmental fields, and contributes in the elimination of unemployment and fights poverty by providing job opportunities for the Iraqi citizens and training them to be able to produce and contribute in the construction and development, as one of the most important principles of social responsibility of the company. The great achievements made by Green Company in the past years have greatly contributed in the comprehensive development of this country in terms of the quality of service, the standards of quality and the customer’s satisfaction and meet the requirements of the Iraqi consumer. Therefore we affirm our commitment to our honorable customers and confirm our dedication to strengthen their trust in us to maintain our reputation and strong values, and we will continue to work hard to maintain the standards that we have set, and continue providing the best services that give a unique successful experience for all of our dealers. In conclusion, I thank all the dealers and employees for their continued efforts and their outstanding performance and lasting dedication. They have the privilege of positive participation to take the company to this level.