Services of Green Company

Here are some of the activities that aim at increasing the dealers’ satisfaction, as they do not only fulfill the needs of the agent through presenting high-quality products that realize the agent’s satisfaction but also through many other thoughts and concepts that rise to the concept of creating the expected desires of the dealers. Customer service is considered a powerful competition field among companies since the customer is the reason behind the existence of any trade institution; therefore, any company wants to continue working should keep and adhere to the customer by presenting him distinguished services. Consequently, Green Company always stresses on activating and developing customer services in order to gain the dealers’ satisfaction and build strong relations with them.

1. Dealers service offered through communications techniques: One of the most important things to communicate with dealers as this service has became a main part of the business by using different communications techniques to know the needs, requirements, complaints and notes of the agent which help to gain his loyalty and trust.

2. Field visits: The field visits to work sites represents an administrative supervision manner and a successful way to, directly, observe works with no delay or change. These visits aim at direct connection with the dealers to realize their needs and get the accurate information to evaluate the facts of views from time to time. As well as, they help to know the distinguished and weak aspects of work, give the instructions and suitable solutions to improve them within the frame of continuous development of work performance and build a good professional and humanitarian relation with them.

3. Free delivery for goods: The company delivers goods to dealers in all Iraq governorates; as the specialized section in the company works to prepare goods for transportation by scientifically packaging them to be protected from damage and transport them by vehicles specified by the company to freely deliver these goods to dealers ‘ places in order to ensure fastness and accuracy in fulfilling the requirements of the dealers.

4. Special offers: One of the services of the company that presents to the dealers is presenting special offers that imply many surprises and special prices of the best and most important products of the company all over Iraq. The offer usually remains for a limited period and it covers the materials selected by the specialized body in sales department. In addition, the company offers special amounts of withdrawals or cash discounts to its dealers, which help them to get good cash returns.

5. Training: The company believes that training is one of the most important foundations of successful management in business world nowadays. Consequently, the dealers are trained regularly to make use of the available means; as the company occasionally invites the dealers, hosts them in the meetings auditorium of company, which is prepared for this purpose, and provides them with all required services to polish and develop dealers’ skills. As well as, the company provides the dealers with the required thoughts to improve their work performance and raise the general level for keeping that group at the highest level of quality and knowledge of the latest administration techniques in different work fields.

6. Entertainment: The company prepares many activities for its dealers in this field like organizing internal and external tourist trips, various sports and scientific and entertainment contests. As well as, it makes benefit of a number of general and private occasions to organize such activities in ord