A Brief about Green Company for General trading and pharmaceuticals

Eighteen years ago, exactly in 1997, it was the start of Hawkary Company for Medicines & Medical Supplies Trading as a business activity which started by the owners of this company and represented in carrying out a lot of business activities in the field of Medicines and Medical Supplies. We started with only two drug stores, Hawkary Drug Store in Erbil and Ashwaq Al-Jaff Drug Store in Baghdad. In just little time, we managed to get exclusive distribution for many international brands in all the provinces of Iraq.

The early growth has been impressive, and when the time has come to make a big step, the company decided to get into other sectors so it would become a group of companies. Thus, it was decided to deal with home appliancs and electronics products. And so, in 2009, Green Company for General Trading was established and in 2010 got exclusive distributionship from Haier Group, which is the number one Major Appliances brand in the world.

Green Company is considered as one of the pioneer companies in the field of management and marketing and in leading the innovation and development; it has successful fingertips in many large projects. The company, with more than 200 employees distrbuted in the centers, showrooms and offices in different regions, contributed in employing the national labor, serving the national economy and providing the best services and products to the Iraqi consumers, that meet their needs and expectations to improve their daily life.

Considered as a daring step, the company opened a retail chain with 49 stores and started selling its electronics and home appliances with 12 intallments. This was a big step for the company, and changed the lives of thousands of people. We now own 22500sqm building area of warehouses on a closed area of 100,000sqm.

Living with big dreams, taking daring steps as we always did, we will continue to invest in big projects and prosper as a great company.

The organizational structure of the company consists of the following departments:

1. Board of Directors. 
2. Procurement Department.
3. Finance and Accounts Department.
4. Levying Department.
5. Sales Department.
6. Shipping and Logistics Department.
7. Marketing Department.
8. Mainl Warehouses Department.
9. Human Resources Department.
10. Translation Department.